• A Week of Healthy Breakfasts: Day 3

    January 5, 2022juliasplate

    Welcome to Day 3 of the week of healthy breakfasts! This plate is so dreamy…especially if you love a combination of apples and cinnamon. This breakfast would be perfect for a day where you’re in a bit of a rush and have a lot to get done. It’s got a great mix of carbs, protein, fiber and fats!  I’d recommend pairing this one with a cup of hot coffee or even a tea (but make sure it’s caffeinated because you all know we never start a morning without caffeine). You could also sub the sliced apples for sliced pears and…

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  • A Week of Healthy Breakfasts: Day 2

    December 29, 2021juliasplate

    Welcome back to the week of healthy breakfasts! Today, we’re making a delicious plate of GF toast and an egg scramble with some fruit! This is a classic meal that I actually have for lunch too quite a bit! It’s super quick to make a great for a day where you don’t have a ton of time. It pairs well with a hot cup of coffee or tea!  I usually top the toasts with some ghee, and then put the egg scramble on top and eat it as an open-faced sandwich! SO GOOD. How-To Below!

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  • Apple Chicken Hash

    December 24, 2020juliasplate

    I love a good, healthy lunch, but oftentimes lunch time is the busiest part of the day for me. So, I’m always trying to come up with quick lunch ideas that can be made in 20 mins or less. Thus, this Healthy Apple Chicken Hash was born! It’s got 6 ingredients, and it really simple to make. Plus, you could prep a larger batch of this dish and have it for leftovers throughout the week. I’m all about making healthy food taste good, and one of my favorite add-ins to help with this is coconut aminos. Coconut aminos are often…

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