Making Breakfast with Pete and Gerry’s!

May 21, 2021juliasplate

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Happy Friday everyone! Kicking the weekend off with an absolutely delicious breakfast over here! I’ve teamed up with Pete and Gerry’s to make a recipe from Jessica Merchant’s (@howsweeteats) cookbook, Everyday Dinners! I decided to make the Embarrassingly Easy Breakfast Tacos, and they lived up to their name. Ready in just 10 minutes, these tacos were so fluffy and flavorful, thanks to Pete and Gerry’s eggs! P.S. Pete and Gerry’s is hosting an #ElevateYourEggs giveaway this month, and the winner will receive a $250 gift card, a year’s supply of Pete and Gerry’s eggs, and a copy of Everyday Dinners! Check out more details on their Instagram page!

The tacos are made on soft corn tortillas, with an avocado pico, scrambled eggs, and sprinkles of cheese. I used goat cheese crumbles and it was amazing! I also heated up my tortillas by placing them over a very low flame on the stovetop until they started to brown. I love doing this because it adds such a nice crisp to any taco! The pico was absolutely perfect, and I even saved the leftovers and used it as a dip for tortilla chips the next day!


But the star of the show in these tacos was Pete and Gerry’s eggs. Pete and Gerry’s is committed to producing eggs that are of the highest quality, are humanely raised, and are super fresh. They are committed to humane animal treatment and environmental sustainability, which are both such important factors when making decisions about where to purchase animal products. Pete and Gerry’s hens are raised free range, which means that they have access to fresh water, grass, dirt, and plenty of space to move about. Pete and Gerry’s eggs are also free from pesticides, added hormones, antibiotics, and GMO’s. I love this company because their values and treatment of their animals are both top-notch!

Not to mention, the flavor of their eggs can’t be matched. They’ve got a deep golden yolk that gives the eggs the richest flavor. These tacos were so fluffy, and the eggs scrambled perfectly! There are so many more recipes in Everyday Dinners that look absolutely divine. I love making recipes from blogs and cookbooks, it’s always so inspiring and so much fun! There’s so many more recipes in this book that involve eggs too, so I’ll definitely be checking those out! Below are a few shots from making the tacos…be warned, you’re about to be hungry!



Check out where you can buy Pete and Gerry’s eggs here! And make sure to snag a copy of Everyday Dinners here! Finally, don’t forget to join in on Pete and Gerry’s #ElevateYourEggs challenge as well. You can find other Pete and Gerry’s recipe inspiration on this page! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all soon!



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