Julia’s Plate Ebooks

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JULIA’S PLATE APRIL ’21 PLANNER (Download for FREE here)

  • Ever find yourself making a daily to-do list, a weekly schedule, a monthly schedule, and a scratch pad for extra notes? Me too! This planner template has everything you need to plan your life, ALL in one place! A month-at-a-glance, daily planner [with a to-do list space, a gratitude journal, and an hourly schedule], a weekend page, grocery list template, and goals journal! Print off this PDF, make it your own, plan away and enjoy!

JULIA’S PLATE: Fast, Real Food Recipes for College Students (August 2020) 

  • Quick and easy healthy recipes for college students! This Ebook includes 20+ new exclusive recipes, a printable shopping list, meal prep tips, and dorm snack ideas.

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