Silent Voices Matter: NEDA Week February 2020

December 28, 2020juliasplate

(February 28th, 2020)

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

7 days of the calendar year that are dedicated to bringing awareness and help to disorders that affect millions on every single day of the calendar year. I might share parts of my journey throughout this week, but first, I want to say this.

Every year, I am amazed and inspired by the courage and vulnerability of those who share their stories during this week. I am also always saddened that so many people share this hard journey.

I also want to honor all of the people who are struggling silently. You don’t have to share your story. For some, sharing is therapeutic and they are at a point in their journey where they are comfortable doing so. But others aren’t. And that is OKAY. Your recovery is just as important and you should feel all of the love in this community because it is directed at YOU too.

I wore this necklace every day for two years before I was ready to talk about my story. It was my silent way of showing my support and owning my story.

This week is for everyone who is affected by eating disorders. Every person, friend, family member, coach, teacher, doctor, nutritionist, therapist. Thank you. Your work is powerful and it is changing the world and moving us closer and closer each day to defeating these disorders once and for all.

I believe we can do it. Do you?




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